The Modern Support Self Service Portal (SSP) allows our partners to view and manage the tickets that they have raised. The SSP can be used to: 

View Tickets

  1. Login to the Self Service Portal (SSP). Please refer the article - Modern Support Self Service Portal (SSP) - How to login for a step-by-step process.
  2. After logging in, you can open the Tickets page in two ways:
    • Click the Tickets button in the navigation bar (highlighted in Red)
    • Click the Check Ticket Status button (highlighted in Green)  
  3. In the Tickets page, you will be able to see all the tickets that you have raised. 

Filter & Sort Tickets

  1. Click the Filters button in the Tickets page to see the filtering options:
    • All Tickets - This will show you all all the tickets.
    • Open or Pending - This will show you the tickets that are either open or pending.
    • Resolved or Closed - This will show you the tickets that have already been resolved or closed.

  2. Click the Sort button to see the sorting options:
    • Date Created - The list of tickets will be sorted based on dates they were created.
    • Last Modified - The list of tickets will be sorted based on dates they were last modified. 
    • Status - The list of tickets will be sorted based on their current status.
    • Ascending - The list of tickets will be sorted in an ascending order. 
    • Descending - The list of tickets will be sorted in a descending order.  

Manage Tickets

  1. Click on any ticket in the Tickets page to open it.

  2. The Ticket page will show you details of an individual ticket and will help you to manage it. The page shows:
    • Ticket ID (highlighted in Red)
    • Support agent assigned to the ticket (highlighted in Blue) 
    • Ticket Status (highlighted in Green)  

Reply to the ticket

  1. In the Ticket page, open the Reply box by clicking:
    • Either the Reply button (highlighted in Green)
    • Or, the Reply bar (highlighted in Red). 

  2. In the Reply box, you can add/attach a:
    • Reply
    • Link
    • Picture
    • File 
  3. Click the Reply button. This will add the reply to the ticket and will send it to our support agents. 

  4. You can see your own replies as well as the replies from our support agents in the ticket. 

Close the Ticket

  1. You can close a ticket by clicking the Mark ticket as closed button in the Ticket page. 

  2. The ticket will be closed. 

Add people to the ticket

You can add people to the ticket so that they can be notified whenever something changes in the ticket.

  1. In the Ticket page, click the Add People to conversation button. 

  2. A pop-up window will open that will allow you to enter email addresses of other people. 

  3. Once the email addresses have been added, click the Add People button. 

  4. A notification will show that emails have been added to the ticket.