Ecommerce Considerations


While emailing promotions and service plans are a good marketing strategy, ensure first that you have legally binding proof that your Customer has opted-in to be on your mailing list.

A good example of spam is sending unsolicited communications to all your Customers to advertise service plans, promotions, etc.


It is not acceptable, under any circumstance to offer illegally obtained material as your own. Honor copyrights of vendors and proprietorial owners of any and all materials shared on your Cloud Store.


Ingram Micro does not condone or support any of the following activities:

-          Exploiting technical weaknesses detected in a 3rd party

-          Attempting to disrupt services without permission

-          Attempting to procure personal information without permission

-          Use of Trojans, tools for cracking/intrusion or denial of service (DoS) attacks without permission

-          Searching for open ports without permission


RESELLER: Ecommerce Considerations

As with any online ecommerce situation fraudulent activities may occur.  We want resellers to be aware of some of the more common considerations as they build their online store and customer database.



Fake customer sign-up

Perform background checks on credit card history


Never use links in emails purporting to be from a bank or require inputting personal information

Exploited account

As soon as Ingram Micro detects an exploited account, we will undertake all precautions including temporarily disabling your account

Hosted 3rd Party Software

Verify the security of hosted 3rd party software (including those installed using our One-Click Installer feature

Understanding that you did not intend for the account to be abused in this way, ultimately you are responsible for ensuring the security of any 3rd party software hosted under the account (including that installed using our One-Click Installer feature).

Following are some general precautions you can take:

  1. If you are aware that your Customer(s) passwords have been leaked, change them all immediately
  2. Perform regular scans for malware
  3. Avoid opening suspicious attachments or following unknown links
  4. Remove any suspicious looking files from your computer
  5. Use passwords that are at least 8 characters in length
  6. Upgrade or replace any software through which the intrusion was achieved
  7. Even after resolving exploitation, remain vigilant and careful


We, at Ingram Micro, take our responsibilities very seriously - to be knowledgeable in all areas of abuse and will always take all necessary precautions to deliver cloud solutions safely and securely.