This article describes the Reseller Support Panel’s interface and how to use it for assisting your Customers.


1) The Dropmyemail Reseller Panel has a tab for each operation available to your Customers: Overview, Backups, Restores and Migrates.

2) Under the ‘Overview’ tab you have a bird’s eye view of the phase/status each operation has/is experiencing (backups/archives are automatically scheduled to occur every 2 hours) i.e. Running, Retrying, Connection Error, Authentication Error, Space Full and Completed in the last 24 hours.

3) The number indicates the number of times the phase/error has occurred.


Interpreting Information


Green indicates that all operations and their respective phases are running smoothly.

The number in the circle  (red or green) indicates the number of times this phase/error has occurred.

Note: 0 for ‘Running’ indicates that the operation is currently not running.

Red indicates an error has occurred.

In this screenshot you can understand that 2 errors occurred while attempting to retry creating Email Backups.



How to: Learn More about an Error

Follow the steps detailed below to learn more about each error by going through logs and then deciding whichever action you deem necessary to resolve it e.g. update password; contact Dropmyemail (DME) Support, etc:

1) Select the operation’s tab corresponding to the operation which showed an error

2) Under the operation select the phase/error that was highlighted

3) Decide what action you would like to take: view log (); manage () or contakct DME Support ()