We have restructured the underlying database and modified the existing reports to make the invoicing job easier for the MSP’s by making Marketplace transactions mapped to the PSA systems more auditable and easier for the MSP to find, analyze and act on.

The result should be less invoicing effort on the MSP’s part, more accurate invoices and increased revenue by making it easier to analyze the status of the Marketplace to PSA relationships and for the MSP to know they are re-invoicing for everything they are entitled to bill for.  The following reports have changed.

Version 3

  • Connectwise
    • Billing Adjustment Log (license change transactions sent from the Marketplace to the PSA system)
    • Billing Adjustment Failure Log (those transactions failing to find a match in the PSA system)
      • This creates a potential action list for the MSP to correct PSA records so they can create an invoice reflecting actual license adjustments
  • Autotask
    • Billing Adjustment Log
    • Billing Adjustment Failure Log


There is nothing the MSP users need to do to take advantage of the new feature except to understand the availability of the new features and how to use them. 

For more details, please follow below link: