Before you begin

The following three steps should be followed before transferring any Google subscription(s) to Ingram Micro.

Step 1 - Transferring a Workspace account

ALL entitlements listed under the domain MUST be transferred. Therefore, all entitlements listed in the Google Admin Console (Billing → Subscriptions) MUST be purchased in the Cloud Marketplace to match the same existing subscription(s). If there is more than one subscription, each subscription MUST be transferred separately.

The order will stay in processing and not complete in the marketplace until orders for all of the subscription entitlements are placed.


Example - Cloud Identity free and Google Workspace Starter Flexible appear in the Google Admin Console under billing. Cloud Identity free must be purchased first, then Google Workspace Starter Flexible via Cloud Marketplace, before any upgrades or downgrades take place.

Google Workspace subscription and pricing details

Step 2 - Transferring a Google Workspace Annual plan     

If the Google Workspace subscription you would like to transfer is under an annual (or longer commitment), it is recommended to transfer at its renewal date to avoid any forfeit of previous payment.

Once the subscription has switched over to a Flexible plan you may then transfer to Ingram Micro as a Flexible plan (under grace period). Upgrades, downgrades, or switching back to an annual plan are permitted after the account is provisioned through Ingram.

To switch to a flexible payment plan at renewal

  1. Sign into the Google Admin Console using your super admin privileges.
  2. From the Admin console Home page, at the top left, click Menu Billing Subscriptions.
  3. Click the subscription
  4. Under Plan renewal, find the date the contract renews. This is the date the switch to a Flexible Plan takes effect.
  5. Click Change renewal settings.
  6. Select Switch to the flexible payment plan.
  7. Click Save.

Note If this subscription is still a G Suite account, you must then change the current G Suite account to the preferred Google Workspace account prior to transferring: Get more services → Upgrade or Downgrade to preferred Workspace plan.

Transfer Check Tool

The following tool can be used to verify the subscriptions that need to be transferred by validating the domain and transfer token. Please follow the instructions below.


In order to have access to the Transfer Check tool, you will have to complete your Google Cloud Authorization


  1. Login to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Click on Reseller Authorization.
  3. Click on Manage (under your Google Workspace Authorization).
  4. Click on Transfer Check Tool.

  5. Enter the Customer Domain and follow the instructions to generate a Transfer Token using your Reseller Public Identifier.

    1. Copy your Reseller Identification ID and follow the instructions to the Retrieve Transfer Token page in Google's support website (Link to the page).

    2. Enter the Reseller’s Public Identifier and click on the CONFIRM RESELLER IDENTIFIER button. 

    3. You will see a pop-up, click on the GENERATE TRANSFER CODE button.

    4. Copy the Transfer Token.

  6. Revert to the Transfer Check Tool and enter the Customer Domain and Transfer Token.

  7. Once submitted, the following information displayed will list the existing active subscriptions that need to be transferred. You must purchase the same subscription(s) for this transfer to successfully get provisioned.

If more than one subscription is listed, purchase each subscription in the Cloud Marketplace separately. Once one order is placed, go back, and purchase the other. No specific order.

Full Transfer Process

  1. Login to Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.
  2. Click on Cloud Services.
  3. Go to Communication and Collaboration.

  4. Select Google Workspace from the various services.

  5. Click on SEE MORE option to view all the services of Google available on the Marketplace. Locate the existing plan type.  

  6. Locate your preferred plan type.

  7. Click on the ADD TO CART button to add the required subscription (same as existing) plan.

    • Note - G Suite Monthly Flexible (usage Based) plans will display as 0% margin. 20% margin will reflect through invoicing (billed 30 days in arrears). 

  8. Scroll up and click on the Cart icon.

    • If transferring a Workspace Monthly Flexible (usage Based) plans will not display seat quantity. 

  9. Select the customer from the existing list or Add New Customer if you are placing this order for a new customer.

  10. As the Customer is selected click on the NEXT button.

  11. Here you will be asked for a Transfer code. You can obtain the Reseller Identifier from this page. (copy the whole group)
    • Note - Admin email prefix will be the same as the current administrators login*. 

  12. Now the following steps need to be done from the Customer’s Google Admin Portal

  13. Go to Customer’s Google Admin Portal and search for Transfer a Customer Account. In this article, you will see the option to Retrieve the transfer code. 

  14. Sign into the Cloud Marketplace and click on Reseller Authorization to receive your Reseller Identifier ID. 

  15. Select Manage

  16. Copy your Reseller Identification ID

  17. Now that Reseller Identification ID is copied, Revert back to Retrieve Transfer Token page, link

  18. Enter the Reseller’s Public Identifier and click on the CONFIRM RESELLER IDENTIFIER button. mceclip4.png

  19. You will see a pop-up, click on the GENERATE TRANSFER CODE button. mceclip5.png

  20. Copy the transfer token. mceclip6.png

  21. Now go back to the Marketplace screen and paste the transfer token. Click on the SUBMIT button. 

  22. Please note a new order will be needed for every entitlement in this list. 

  23. Please wait up to 10 minutes, while Google transfers the services. 

  24. Now go back to the customer control panel, you will see the subscription is activated.