Once you have purchased your SharePoint hosting, you need to set it up on your domain. If you have already registered your domain with us and you want to host your SharePoint site there, you can follow the instructions in this article.

If you haven’t already registered your domain, you can do so at the same time you are setting up your site. Follow the steps below to complete this process.


1)    Log in to the Customer Control Panel and select the appropriate subscription from the drop-down menu at the top, right-hand side of the page.



2)    Navigate to the SharePoint tab and click Manage Domains.



3)    Click Add New Subdomain to create your new subdomain and set up your SharePoint site there.



4)    Next, enter a name for your subdomain and select the correct primary domain from the drop-down menu. Then, select SharePoint Site as the Hosting type, and select the relevant subscription.

At this point you can add mail hosting if you need to. This can also be added later.



5)    Next, select whether you will be creating a new service user or assigning an existing service user to be the administrator of the SharePoint site. Here, we will make a new service user.



6)    Enter the credentials for the new user.




7)    Select Shared or Exclusive web application and click Next.

  • If you select the exclusive web application option, exclusive IP address, SSL access, anonymous access, and exclusive application pool can be enabled for the site.
  • If you select the shared web application option, these abilities are unavailable.

Please note, after the site is created, the selected type of web application cannot be changed.



8)    On the next page, select your site Template and Storage quota.

Note: The template cannot be changed once your site is set up.

Check Use exclusive application pool to increase security and performance isolation.



9)    Finally, check all of the new website parameters carefully before clicking Finish to complete the setup process.




In just a few minutes, your SharePoint site on your new subdomain will be ready to use and it will appear in your list of SharePoint sites within the SharePoint tab.




This completes the steps required to set up a SharePoint site on a new subdomain. Your site administrator was set up during the steps above, but you should follow the steps in this article to create other service users for your site.