You need to make sure your SharePoint site is set up on your registered domain before you can start using it. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for setting up your SharePoint site.


1)    First make sure that your subscription includes a SharePoint site. If you have a SharePoint site, you will see the SharePoint tab in the Customer Control Panel. You can check if you have a site available for use through the Subscription Resources shortcut on the Home tab.

If you do not have a SharePoint site available, you can add one as an additional resource to your Hosted Exchange or Basic Email subscription.

2)    Once you have at least one SharePoint site available, select the appropriate subscription from the drop-down menu at the top, right-hand side of the page.



3)    Navigate to the SharePoint tab.



4)    Click Add New Site if you have already registered the domain. To register a new domain and make your SharePoint site there, click Manage Domains (see this article for step-by-step instructions)



5)    Select the domain name you want to create your SharePoint site on and click Next.




6)    Select the correct subscription and click Next.



7)    Now, decide if you want to assign an existing service user to administer the SharePoint site, or create a new service user.

-       If you selected Existing Service User, simply select the service user from the list and click Next.

-       If you selected New Service User, enter the new user’s information on the next page and click Next.



8)    Complete the rest of the Create New SharePoint Site wizard. On the last page, check the site details carefully and click Finish.

Now you will see your new SharePoint site in the list within the SharePoint tab.



Now that your SharePoint site has been created, the one administrator that you specified will have access to it. See this article for instructions on creating additional service users for your SharePoint site.