Welcome to SharePoint Hosting!

SharePoint is a team-based collaboration tool which allows you to share information and work in a team environment with colleagues or even clients and vendors. SharePoint sites are included in Advanced and Ultimate Hosted Exchange plans, and they can also be purchased as an additional resource on all other mail hosting plans.

This guide is intended for resellers of our SharePoint hosted solutions products. It covers the basic setup and operation of your SharePoint site, including:

We recommend that you work your way through this guide before you start to sell SharePoint hosting to your customers. Then, you can use it as a guide when needed.


Since Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 runs entirely on the server, the only requirement for you is one of the following browsers:

      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Windows
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 for Windows
      • Firefox 1.5 for Windows, Linux/Unix or Mac OS X
      • Netscape Navigator 7.2 for Linux/Unix
      • Netscape Navigator 8.1 for Windows
      • Safari 2.0 for Mac OS X

Please note: some functionality requires the use of Internet Explorer; the full experience may not be available with other browsers.


SharePoint sites are included in the Hosted Exchange – Advanced and Hosted Exchange – Ultimate service plans. These plans are available through the Cloud Marketplace for you to sign up your customers. See Signing up End Customers and Ordering Subscriptions for step-by-step instructions.

SharePoint sites can also be purchased through the Customer Control Panel as an add-on for other Hosted Exchange and Basic Email plans. See the following two articles that explain how to purchase subscriptions or add-ons through the Customer Control Panel.

Note: Your customers will be able to make a purchase if they have full Customer Control Panel access. See the Ingram Micro Cloud Hosted Solutions Reseller Starter Guide for more information.

-       Ordering Subscriptions Through the Customer Control Panel

-       Ordering Additional Resources Through the Customer Control Panel


The first step to prepare your SharePoint site for collaboration is to set it up on a domain. If you have already registered your domain, you should see this article for instructions to set up your SharePoint site on the domain:

-       Setting Up SharePoint on Your Registered Domain

If you have not yet registered your domain, or you want to create a new subdomain, you should follow the instructions in the article below to set up your SharePoint site.

-       Setting Up SharePoint on a New Domain


Your site administrator is created when you first set up your SharePoint site. However, you will likely have a number of users that will be collaborating using the SharePoint site. See the article below for step-by-step instructions to create new service users within the Customer Control Panel.

-       Adding New SharePoint Users Through the Customer Control Panel

Once you have created your SharePoint users, you will need to understanding how to manage them. See the article below for a guide on managing your SharePoint site users.

-       Managing SharePoint Users


SharePoint sites have a variety of different features that you can use in different ways to collaborate. This article provides  a run-down of some of the main features in SharePoint that you may want to use on your site.

-       SharePoint Site Components Overview


Finally, if you ever find that you need to start from scratch with your SharePoint site, you can follow the link below for instructions on how to reset your site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once reset, any data, files or information on your site will be lost and cannot be recovered.

-       Resetting Your SharePoint Site



This document provided instructions to give you an understanding of some of the basic setup and operation functions for your hosted SharePoint site. If you need more help, refer to the Ingram Micro Cloud Service Desk KB at https://ingrammicro-assist.freshdesk.com/en/support/home.