Once you have configured your SharePoint site and assigned permissions to your users, you should get an understanding of the basic types of features that can be found within SharePoint. Here you will find an explanation of the components you can use within SharePoint to create your site: Web Parts, lists, libraries, and views.

Web Parts A Web Part is a basic building block of most of the pages on your SharePoint site. If you have permission to edit pages on your site, you can use Web Parts to customize your site to display pictures and charts, portions of other Web pages, lists of documents, customized views of business data, and more.

Lists Your users can store, share and manage information on SharePoint using lists. You can use lists to track work assignments or team events on a calendar. Lists also allow you to conduct surveys or host discussions on a discussion board.

Follow these instructions to create a list and add an item:

1) Click Site Actions at the top, left-hand side of the page, and select More create options.



2) In the Create page, select the type of list you would like to create. In this example, we will create a Task list.



3) Enter a name for your list, and click Create.




Your new list will appear in the Lists menu on the left-hand side of the page. Click Add new item to add tasks to your list.

Libraries A library is a specific type of list where you can store files. In a library, you can control how documents are viewed, tracked, managed and created.

Creating a library is simple: follow the steps below to create a new document library.

1) Click Site Actions at the top left-hand side of the page, then select New Document Library.



2) Enter the name and description for your library, select the parameters, and click Create.




Your new document library now appears in the menu on the left-hand side of the page.




Views By creating and managing views, you can make sure that members of different teams see the items in a list or library that are most important to them. Using views, you can create a list of items that are important for a certain department, or highlight particular documents in a library.

Follow these steps to create a new view:

1) Navigate to the component you would like to change the view on. In this example, we will use the Task List we made earlier.



2) Click Create View at the top of the page.



3) Choose a view format. In this example, we will use Standard View.



Now you will see a long list of view items that can be adjusted. You may want to take some time to test these view options to understand how they affect the view of your component. You can choose which items you want to have visible, their position on the page, editing, groups, style and folders, among other options.

You should now have a basic understanding of the components and features that are available on SharePoint. The best way to learn how they all work is to try them out; you can also find more articles to help you with SharePoint on our Knowledge Base at https://ingrammicro-assist.freshdesk.com/en/support/home