If you want to re-assign a User’s role follow the steps in this article:

Note: You may also want to modify a User’s role by following the directions in this article: ‘How to: Edit User’s Information, Role and Postal Address’.

1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)

2) Select Cloud Orchestrator from the left-side menu

3) On the ‘Cloud Orchestrator’ page, scroll down to the ‘Users’ section where you will find, listed, all Users that have been assigned this Cloud Orchestrator subscription

4) Corresponding to the User, whose role you want to modify, click Actions > Edit Role


5) On the ‘Edit Role’ page, in the ‘Select Role’ section, select the new role by clicking on the role’s radio button


6) Click the ASSIGN button


7) In the confirmation pop-up window, click the Update button to confirm

8) You will receive an update alert letting you know that the User’s role has been changed