Scripts can be added to templates to be executed on the servers that use them. Any parameter defined in a script can be set when adding it to a template. You can also add attachments to be referenced inside scripts. Script attachments will be pre-loaded for you in the servers.


  1. Login to IMCO Portal (if you are a First User click here for instructions; other Users can click here).


  1. Select BLUEPRINT > Script at the left side menu.


  1. Click on Add Script at the top right corner.


  1. In the New Script pop up window, fill all the fields and click on Add script.


  1. You will be able to see your newly created script in the list.


  1. Click on the Script to view the details:



  1. You can attach files to the Script.


  1. Click on Add attachment to attach a file to the script.


  1. Select the file from your Computer System and attach it to the script.


  1. You will be able to see the attached file in Attachment list. You can download and delete the file.



  1. Click on Edit button to add or edit the code of your script.


  1. You can
    1. Update Parameter list
    2. Insert attachment(s)
    3. Write code
    4. Click on Update code.

NOTE: parameter list are parameters which can be used inside script code.



This document has provided information about How to Create a Script.