The Quick Launch feature allows you to easily deploy an application or operating system on a virtual machine with four simple clicks.

Detailed instructions for how to use the Quick Launch feature are provided below:


  1. Login to IMCO Portal (if you are a First User click here for instructions; other Users can click here)


  1. At the bottom of the left-side menu, click on the Quick Launch button



  1. The create server Wizard is launched and will provide options for selecting: Apps/OS(s); region; cloud provider and add on services.

Note: Selections are marked with a tick .


  1. Click on an application or OS to select and provide an appropriate name to your server.


  1. Select 1 out of the 4 locations


  1. Select a cloud provider


  1. Click Create Server button


  1. You will receive an alert at the top right corner.


  1. You will find the newly commissioned cloud server listed under: Servers > Server Name


  1. The server will be in an ‘Inactive’ state (), click the More actions button () at the top right corner and click on Boot to start the server.


  1. You will receive the following status update ‘Booting server <server name>’


  1. After booting is complete, the server then automatically begins ‘Bootstrapping’


  1. Once complete, the server will now be operational.



This document has provided information about Quick Launch of a Server on IMCO (Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator).