How to: Create a New SSH Profile

SSH (Secure Shell) establishes a secure connection whenever you need to remotely access a VM.

  1. Login to IMCO Portal (if you are a First User click here for instructions; other Users can click here)


  1. Select COMPUTE > SSH from the left-side menu options


  1. On the ‘SSH’ page, click on “+ New SSH profile


  1. In the ‘New SSH Profile’ pop-up window, enter the required fields (indicated by *)



1) Name: Enter a name

2) Public key: Paste your generated public key

3) Store private ssh key (optional): Tick the check box if you want to store the private key on the IMCO server. This key will be stored encrypted on our end using RSA 2048.

4) Provide Labels: Enter keywords for search option.


  1. Click the Add SSH Profile



  1. You will receive a confirmation notification that the SSH was successfully created and the newly created SSH Profile will be added to the ‘SSH’ page.