The API Key is a set of credentials that allow IMCO operations such as: retrieve a Template; create Firewalls; create SSH profiles; etc. to be performed, through programming, on behalf of the User to which the API Key belongs.

This article describes how to generate the API Key:

  1. Login to IMCO Portal (if you are a First User click here for instructions; other Users can click here)


  1. Select SETTINGS > User Detailsfrom the left-side menu options


  1. On the ‘User Details’ page, scroll down to the API Key section


  1. Click on the Create and download a new API Key button


  1. A zip file is immediately downloaded to your machine and the User receives an email notification that an API Key has been generated



Each contains the following files:

  • Private
  • Ca_cert.pem
  • Security certificate




If you ever need to generate a new API Key then the older one must be deleted first (refer to ‘How to: Destroy an API Key’ for step-by-step instructions).