This document will provide you with necessary information about How to Monitor Your Workload’s Health.

IMCO allows you to monitor a workload’s health by viewing graphical representations of the following data:

CPU Usage:






Note: Data is only available for servers that have the ‘Operational’ status () and has been running for at least 10 minutes.

Using this information you can track and plan resource utilization.

Follow the steps in this article to view usage data.

  1. Login to IMCO Portal (if you are a First User click herefor instructions; other Users can click here)


  1. Select COMPUTE > Serversfrom the left-side menu options.

    3. On the ‘Servers’ page, click on the server name for which you want to monitor the reports.



  1. Click on Monitor tab at the selected Server’s page.



  1. Data is displayed in graphs, scroll down to view all types of data: ‘CPU Usage’, ‘Memory’ and ‘Network’.




Selecting a Custom Range Date

There are 2 calendars under the ‘Custom range’ tab – one for setting the from date and the other for setting the to date.



Follow the instructions below for selecting both from and to dates:

  1. Use the back arrow button () to cycle through past months and forward arrow button () to select a month ahead of the current month

Note: If you go beyond the first or last month of a year the year will change.


  1. Once you have selected a month, click on a specific day to finalize a date.

When you click on a date the date range can be seen over the data:



This document has provided information about How to Monitor Your Workload’s Health.