Microsoft Azure is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service with cloud computing technology leverages you to move your infrastructure to the cloud with security and compliance, powered by Microsoft. You can purchase Azure from the New Reseller Control Panel for your customers.


  1. Navigate to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP).

  2. Type Azure in the search box and click on Azure CSP in the suggestion result from the search box. mceclip6.png

  3. In the Products Click on the ADD TO CART button. mceclip0.png 

  4. Now scroll up and click on the Cart icon. mceclip8.png 

  5. On the Place an Order page, click on the NEXT. mceclip9.png 

  6. Select the Customer from your list of existing Customers, or you can create a new Customer during this buying process.  

  7. Your MPN ID should auto-populate assuming you’ve loaded it under the Azure Reseller tab of the Classic Panel. If it doesn’t auto-populate, navigate into the Classic Panel and input your MPN ID under the Azure Reseller tab. Otherwise, click “Next”. mceclip13.png 

  8. Specify the option that applies to your Azure order.

  9. You may receive this error message if the tenant domain hasn’t accepted the CSP relationship. Follow the hyperlink “instruction” to accept the relationship and authorize Ingram Micro as the Cloud Solution Provider.  

  10. Sign In to the Admin Center with Global Administrator credentials and accept the CSP Relationship with Ingram Micro. mceclip2.png 

  11. Here you will get a message that “Successfully accepted delegated administration offer.” mceclip17.png 

  12. Now go back to the Ingram Micro Control Panel and re – enter the subdomain and click on CHECK. mceclip18.png

  13. If you’re importing an existing Microsoft online account, you’ll have to create a verification user within the Customer’s Active Directory. This is only for verification purposes and the user can be deleted after the Azure order process is complete. Click on the Microsoft Portal link and create a new user with the username shown in the bold letters. If you didn’t choose this option, skip down to Step 20. mceclip19.png

  14. Here you will be redirected to the Microsoft Azure Portal. Click on the Hamburger icon at the top left corner of the site. mceclip20.png

  15. Click on the Azure Active Directory in the left side menu. mceclip21.png 

  16. Now go to Users and click on it. mceclip22.png 

  17. Now click on the + New User button to add a new user. mceclip23.png

  18. Now create the user with the username appeared on the Ingram Micro Marketplace. (Look into Step 13) and click on the Create button.mceclip24.png 

  19. You can see the user has been created in the Microsoft Azure Portal. mceclip25.png 

  20. You may need to accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement if it’s the Customer’s 1st order.  When ready, click Next.

  21. Review the order details and click on the BUY button.  

  22. You’ll be provided an Order number and once provisioned, your Customer will be able to deploy Azure resources through the Azure Portal. mceclip28.png 

  23. Login to the Azure portal using the Microsoft User ID (admin@XXX.onmicrosoft.com) found within the Azure tile of the Customer Control Panel (CCP).

Watch this video (Accessing Your Azure Subscription (Azure Access Control)) for assistance in accessing your Azure subscription.

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