Before integrating between Cloud Marketplace and ConnectWise, we recommend you get acquainted with the following terms and procedures.

Steps to Get Started

The following main steps a reseller is required to do to get started with the ConnectWise PSA Integration service:

  1. Set up ConnectWise API Credentials: The Cloud Marketplace communicates with ConnectWise through API. Therefore, you need to set up required API credentials using these instructions.
  2. Set up ConnectWise Integration: At this step, you need to log in and integrate ConnectWise with Cloud Marketplace using these instructions.
  3. Synchronize: Now, you need to synchronize orders and subscriptions between Cloud Marketplace and ConnectWise using these instructions.
Important: Several subscriptions can be synchronized with one agreement; one subscription cannot be synchronized with several agreements.

About Mappings

To ensure that there are no mismatches, all subscriptions and agreements are updated, and all changes happened in Cloud Marketplace are synchronized with ConnectWise, the objects in both systems must be mapped. That is, Cloud Marketplace Product Catalog, Customer Catalog, Order and Subscription must be mapped with the respective ConnectWise objects: Product Catalog, Company, and Agreement. 

  • Mapping Customers - There are three ways to map your customers between Cloud Marketplace and ConnectWise. Please refer the Mapping Customers section in the article - Mapping Customers and Products.
  • Mapping Products - There are two ways to map your products between Reseller Marketplace and ConnectWise. Please refer the Mapping Products section in the article - Mapping Customers and Products.
  • Mapping Orders and subscriptions - These are mapped during subscription synchronization process.


Note: You can also create a ConnectWise product during synchronization process.