Note: This product is only available in our UK Marketplace.


Please follow the process defined in the article - Comms Care - How to place an order to order the service. Once the order provisioning process is complete, you can start managing the subscription.


  1. Login - Login to Ingram Micro Cloud's UK Marketplace.
  2. Subscriptions page - Click Customers > Subscriptions to open the page that lists all your subscriptions.

  3. Subscriptions Search - Search for the Comms Care subscription and click to open it.

  4. Subscription Management Options - Click on the ellipsis to open the dropdown menu.

  5. Dropdown Menu - The dropdown menu will list various options to manage the subscription. Please follow the processes listed below for each of these options.

Subscription Renewal

  1. Renewing Subscription - Click the option - Renew to renew the subscription for another term.


  1. Enabling/Disabling Auto-renewal - When the subscription is first provisioned, it is defaulted to be auto-renewed. To disable it, click the option - Disable auto-renew. If the auto-renew is disabled, click on the option - Enable auto-renew.


  1. Cancelling - Click the option - Cancel Subscription to start the cancellation process.

  2. Reason for Cancellation - Please provide a reason for cancellation and click PROCEED.

  3. Cancellation Order - This will initiate the Cancellation Order for the subscription. But it still needs to be reviewed and approved before it can be completed. To do that, click Customers > Orders to open the page that lists all your orders.

  4. Searching the Cancellation Order - Search for the the cancellation order using its Order Number. The status of the order will be Pending Approval. Once located, click the MANAGE button.

  5. Approving the Cancellation Order - Click on the APPROVE button.

  6. Completing the Cancellation Order - The vendor will process the cancellation order to terminate the subscription. This might take some time and when that happens, the status of the order will change to - COMPLETED