To integrate QuickBooks with Reseller Marketplace, complete the following steps:

  1. In your UX1 Control panel, click Marketplace Apps and then click QuickBooks Integration.

  2. In the pop-up window that displays, click Install now. Then, in the appeared pop-up message, click Continue to be redirected to the authorization page to connect to your QuickBooks account. After confirming your authorization, you will be redirected back. 

  3. Settings pop-up window will be displayed. 

  4. In the Settings window, please specify:
    • Whether to load prices from QuickBooks or Reseller Marketplace by default.
    • Whether to automatically create and process synchronization tasks. You can select from the two options of change checking periodicity: once per day, or once per 5 min.
    • Events you want to be notified of and tracked: only about errors and actions required from you, or about all tasks. These notifications are displayed in pop-up messages and action log.
    • Whether to synchronize new or existing invoices by default.
      • New Invoice: Each order will create a new invoice in QuickBooks.
      • Existing Invoice: The order will be synchronized to the latest invoice, for that customer.

Note: You can access these settings later by clicking the gear icon on the dashboard and selecting Settings.