ESET uses the ERA (ESET Remote Administrator) Management Console to manage multiple licenses across multiple platforms and even multiple customers. Access to the ERA Management Console is given to the Security Administrator created and maintained on the Customer's Control Panel.

On the Cloud Marketplace

  • When purchasing ESET licenses you will require 1 license per device
  • You cannot downgrade service plans so ensure you have the correct number of licenses before processing your payment 

On the Customer Control Panel


  • If you are not the Security Administrator, share the username and password with the intended Security Administrator.
  • The Security Administrator must download and install ERA Management Console and then manage licenses through this Console (click here for the user manual).                                                 

          Note: Credentials for logging into ERA are separate and different from those of the ERA Management Console.

  •  ERA Management Console can be linked to multiple ESET Security Administrator accounts, which is useful if you plan to manage separate customer accounts on your central ERA server.
  • Security Administrator accounts can be linked to multiple licenses, which is useful if you want to use a single Administrator account to send updates automatically to many licenses.

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