This article will provide you with the necessary information and instruction about How to Activate  Connect Subscription. In this article we have taken HelloSign as an example.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have placed an order for Connect from the Reseller Control Panel/ Cloud Marketplace, order will be stuck at Long Running Operation state. Manually you have to activate the Connect subscription from the Reseller Control Panel. Follow the below steps to activate the subscription.


  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel.


  1. Click on the Classic Panel button.


  1. Now without changing the mode, click on the Products option in the left side menu.


  1. Under the Settings tab, click on the Requires Attention button.


NOTE: In every Connect Product, you have to check for the manual process by clicking on the Requires attention button.

  1. It will redirect you to the new web browser tab. Here you have to provide your Dropbox Reseller ID.


  1. Go back to the Classic Reseller Control Panel and click on the Dropbox Business option from the left side menu.


  1. Here you will see the Dropbox Reseller ID.


  1. Click on the Edit button and copy your Dropbox Reseller ID.


  1. Paste this Dropbox Reseller ID to the Customer Connect Cloud Portal page and click on SUBMIT button.


  1. You will see the below message and your order will be provisioned.


  1. Your order will be provisioned shortly.

Follow this link for Connect Product List.