For Connect subscriptions, sometimes the actions need to be completed from the Customer(s)’ end. For this customer receives the email, or you can log in to the Customer Control Panel and activate the subscription from there as well.


  1. Once the order is placed and it has stuck to the Long Running Operation, please follow https://ingrammicro-assist.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/66000396833 to activate the subscription from the Reseller Control Panel.
  2. Once the subscription is activated from the Reseller Control Panel and further actions are required from the Customer Control Panel, then your customer will receive an email, ask them to click on the Activation Form link to complete the purchase.


  1. They will be redirected to the Customer Connect Portal, here they have to provide the required information or you also can access the same from the Customer Control Panel and click on the Activation Form link.
  2. You or your customer will see the activation form on the Customer Connect Portal, provide the details and submit the form.


  1. Please wait up to 10 minutes for the subscription to get provisioned. Refresh the Custome Control Panel, and you will see the subscription is available in the Customer Control Panel.