Commvault - Metallic subscriptions can be managed once they have been ordered and successfully provisioned. If you have not yet purchased a subscription for your end-customers, please follow the article - How to place an order for Commvault - Metallic to purchase one.

To manage the subscriptions, please follow the processes defined below:

  1. Log into the Marketplace.
  2. Search for the end-customer whose subscription you want to manage and log in as them.
  3. If you have already purchased a Commvault - Metallic subscription for that end-customer, it will be listed on the left navigation pane (as shown below). Click Metallic Backup & Recovery to open the page from where the subscription can be managed.

  4. From the page that opens up, the subscription can be managed in the following ways:

Upsizing/Downsizing Subscriptions

  1. The subscription can be upsized or downsized by clicking the Manage Limits button.

  2. The new limits can be set by changing the number (outlined in Red below). Once the new limit is set, press the OK button.

Renewing Subscriptions

  1. The renewal/ options can be seen by pressing the Actions button.

  2. The subscription can be renewed by clicking the Renew button (outlined in Green). To toggle between enabling or disabling automatic renewal of the subscription, click the button outlined in Red.

Cancelling Subscriptions

  1. The cancellation option can be seen by pressing the Actions button.

  2. The subscription can be cancelled by clicking the Cancel Subscription button.

  3. Please select a reason for the cancellation from the dropdown menu and add any comments.

  4. A notification will ask for confirmation of the cancellation.

  5. Once confirmed, the cancellation request for the subscription will be successfully submitted.

  6. The cancellation request now has to be approved. To do this, you have to log out as an end-customer (OR close the browser tab in which you were working as the end-customer) and work as a reseller on the platform (either by opening the browser tab in which you we originally logged in OR logging into the marketplace once again).
  7. Once logged in as a Reseller, click the Customers icon in the Left navigation pane and then click Orders in the left sub-navigation pane.
  8. In the Orders list, search for the Commvault - Metallic cancellation order. You can use the Search option or the Status filter to select orders that are 'Pending Approval'. Once you have found the cancellation order, click the Manage button against it.

  9. Review the details of the Cancellation Order and then click Approve

  10. The cancellation order will then go to Commvault. Once they approve it, the cancellation order will be complete (as shown below).